How do I get free MB on my Telenor app?

How do I get free MB on my Telenor app?

Telenor is offering amazing offer for its user to use Mobile application and get Free MB daily while using it. Whereas My Telenor App is a SIM management application for mobile users. Where you can subscribe to different packages/offers, check your remaining resources, and do much more through this application. How do I get free MB on my Telenor app?

How do I get free MB on my Telenor app
How do I get free MB on my Telenor app

Available Free MBs

Telenor offers you to get free MBs on daily basis while using Mobile application. When you download Telenor Mobile app and login using your Telenor sim number you will be given free MBs as bonus.

How to Get Free MBs daily on My Telenor Mobile app?

Yes, you can get free MB daily on your sim card using mobile application. For this first you have to download mobile application. Then need to log in with your mobile number, sign up and create login password.

After that you will be able to able to check your account detail in mobile application. You can check different packages offers and bundle provided on your current package plan. You can also activate offers from here as well.

In order to get daily rewards or Free Mb on Telenor app, you will see Free MBs icon, you need to click on it. After that you will be shown day wise awards the form of MBs. You need to click or start from Day1 to receive your first bonus of free MBs. Next day you would click on day2 to get free MBs.

This way you can consume all free MBs each day provided to you through Telenor my App. Here you also need to know that if you miss or skip any day, then next day you will have to start from Day1 award. Instead of next day so you need to use these resources daily in order to get full benefit out of it.

How to Get more Free Internet from Telenor Mobile App?

There is another way to get more free internet while using application other than  daily reward. You need to check Test your skills Option of application. Here you can get free 150MB on daily basis where you have to answer 5 questions correctly.

If you miss any answer or unable to answer it correctly you will not get any free Telenor internet. So you need to get the all answers correctly. For that you can search web as well and can take as much time for your answer.

There is no restriction on time, which gave you more options to search and find answers. You can type same question in web or Google to find the relevant answers if you are not sure about your answer. This way you can use web answers 5 questions correctly to earn free 150 MBs on daily basis using Telenor app. How do I get free MB on my Telenor app?

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